Hmm. Firefox renders grayblog with the sidebar in Times New Roman. It should be Verdana. Something is wrong somewhere.
And it puts an annoying mouse-over thingy to tell me that RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication.
AND it only remember the last dozen sites in the drop-down address bar.

I don’t think I’m going to be a fan. That’ll irritate Gordon.

3 Replies to “Firefox”

  1. Really, that’s what it stands for? Pete has been going ON about RSS for about two weeks now; and when I say going ON, I mean, telling me everything there is to know about it. Except what it stood for. And that was the interesting part. Clearly there is no future for us.

  2. Hmm your CSS for the sidebar isn’t properly formatted – you are missing commas between the font names.

    The RSS is showing that way because you asked it to: RSS (lifted from YOUR source).

    And I *think* the address bar is controlled by the history? Hmm not that can’t be right.. off to the forums!!

    So no, not annoyed at all.. just get yer facts right mister! 😉

  3. Oops – HTMLised my comment – the RSS code should read as [abbr title=”Really Simple Syndication”]…

    I’m guessing that IE doesn’t handle that, and was being ‘helpful’ with your sidebar.

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