Speaking of reckless or, to be more precise, homeless…

I finished packing and dumping the stuff at the parents’ house very late last night. It would have been later still without the huge help of Tim.
A few minutes ago, I went round to check my mail for the last time and then went to the estate agent and handed over the keys.

So, that’s it. I’m homeless.

Thankfully, a very nice lady in Tunbridge Wells has agreed to put me up.

One Reply to “Speaking of reckless or, to be more precise, homeless…”

  1. remember, you only need one rule when living with the woman you love – if the two of you have a big fight and she wants you to sleep on the couch for the night, let her know that you will be sleeping comfortably on the bed and if she doesn’t want to sleep with you she can move to the couch herself.

    all the rest is bliss.

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