Happiest hot potato

I’ve just made my flight booking for my next trip to the Netherlands – a (literally) flying visit to a trade show in Amsterdam. For the first time, I’ll be flying through the rather excessively named Kent International Airport – what was once RAF Manston – using the services of the very small but very cheap EU Jet. Which will be, um, fun. I like the way that the car park is only a fiver a day, is just 100 yards from the terminal and that there appear to be only four check-in desks.
Anyone else done this route? What were your experiences?

And, to top it off, I’ll be staying in a floating hotel – the Amstel Botel – geddit?

3 Replies to “Happiest hot potato”

  1. Ive just twigged where you got ‘happiest hot potato’ from. Nobody else will of course. Just don’t sip any little bottles of mercury.

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