Four days to go

Well, the weather forecast is good for Saturday.
The last 24 hours has seen us working on exciting things like the place cards, orders of service and seating plan, as well as ensuring that the DJ plays the music we want to hear (no Robbie, no Queen, no Freddie – but Dancing Queen is ok. Plenty of Stones, Beatles, Van Morrison plus a bit of Madonna and Prince as well as a few newer tracks we like too). And I’ve put my foot down over the whole first dance idea – I don’t want everyone staring at me as I tread on Hels’s toes!

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the day that Hels and I met. On Saturday, directly after we are married, we are going to walk the 100 yards or so from the church to the spot where we first set eyes on each other, just outside Trevor Mottram’s Cook Shop (where we have our wedding list). To get to the church, I’ll walk past the café where we had our first coffee and biscotti together.
It’s been a strange year, at times stressful, mostly wonderfully happy, but undoubtedly the best year ever.

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