Rolls Royce hopes convertible will boost fortunes. Um, unlikely in my view. When I was living in Chichester, Rolls Royce Phantoms were a regular sight on the roads, as the factory is just a couple of miles out of the city centre. They are one of the most ugly and shed-like cars you could imagine – their horrid, square, brick-like lines looked like they owed more to a B&Q architect than to the heritage of the Rolls name. A convertible could look like a sawn-off shed. And who exactly are they trying to appeal to? I can’t see this being a housewife’s favourite any time soon.

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  1. Some would say the last decent rolls royces were built when Henry Royce was still alive, and he died in 1933. Interestingly the BBC say that BMW paid 40 million for the rights to the name. What is rarely mentioned is that Rolls Royce PLC still own the name and BMW do not have it in perpetuity. The rot set in when RR started mass producing cars begining with the Silver Shadow. Sales were up but the mystique was lost, and with it the companies hard won reputation. Bankruptcy in 1971 ( not the car divisions fault ) sealed their fate. ‘ Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble’ was atributed to F H Royce. Sadly accountants and the real world intervened.
    I will now take my anorak off and get back to my self assembly kitchen.

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