670 comment spams in 11 hours is beyond a joke. When they are arriving at the rate of one or two every minute, it becomes more than you can cope with.
Consequently, the comment function for this site has been disabled. I might re-enable it in a few days. Sorry.

3 Replies to “Spam”

  1. Pain in the arse, aren’t they? I’m closing and deleting all comments on posts older than a month for the forseeable future…until someone invents an MT plugin which does it automatically…

  2. Come over to WordPress – I hope I’m not speaking to soon, but I appear to have killed the comment spams with the hack. Not that they were showing up, anyway – WPs moderate function was kicking them all out into a queue, but that queue was getting totally out of hand. Apparently WP1.3 will address some of these issues.
    And WP has a very groovy MT import function.

  3. I was taking comments spam at the rate of one or two a minute. I disabled totally any unapproved comments and they slowed down a little. But then the junk e-mail comments picked up instead. I’ve looked at the plugins for wordpress – but not tried them yet.

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