Just how many…

…shades of off-white are there? I’ve just been down to HomeBase, thinking I could get a wedge of testpots for us to daub artfully on the walls of the New House™. However, the truth is that without my new (to me) free (when purchased with any Peugeot 306) wheelbarrow and a very large sum of money, there is no way that I was going to get a representative selection. So, this evening, H and I will sit with the colour charts and try our best to decide which ones to get testers of.
And, incidentally, how can Farrow and Ball justify charging three times the price of anyone else for their magnolia paint? And would anyone want to paint "Dead Salmon" on their walls? Who comes up with these names?

3 Replies to “Just how many…”

  1. you can get any farrow paint mixed at a dulux counter

    also farrows paint has no vinyl in it so it marks too easliy

  2. Heh, there was a wee comment thread in my miniblog about paint naming – what a cool job that would be – “Mournful sunshine” a delicate yellow with a hint of blue shades to resonate light around your room.

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