Bum hats

It looks like I won’t be able to get to tomorrow’s bloggers’ party after all. H is ill, with the consequence that she won’t be able to come along and drive me back from the railway station (12 miles away). The alternative, a late-night taxi, doesn’t bear consideration. Bah!

4 Replies to “Bum hats”

  1. How to find NEW HOUSE.
    It’s 12 miles from the station.
    It’s 100 yards from a small Post Office.
    You can hear a dog barking in the morning.
    There’s a field with horses nearby.
    The Pub’s within wifi range.
    I’m zeroing in.

  2. Tough luck H, and Graybo!

    You’ll have to join the ranks of the absentees, like myself, who incidentally will be at a Bollywood party, of all things.

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