On guard

Hels and I have been looking for a better guard to surround our wood-burning stove in the living room. At the moment we have a rather attractive guard that, whilst functional, could certainly not be described as kitten-proof. The DIY stores only stock very small ones (we need one about 75cm/30ins high, 60cm/24ins wide and 15cm/6ins deep), and hardly any that have a top as well as sides. I finally found a "nursery guard" in a local fireplace shop, much more functional than decorative, and feel I did a good job of not laughing out loud when the lady told me that it was more than £60!
Anyone got any idea where we could find something? We really only want something inexpensive, as we plan to start using the ornate one again as soon as the kittens are grown-up enough to be stove-aware.

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  1. Memo to self – check to see if Pickles is stove-aware. Am I stove aware? Do I need a certificate? (Don’t answer that.)

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