As a splendid housewarming gift, SIL and her husband purchased a Sony DVD player for us. So, last night, Hels brought home I, Robot from the video shop next to her office. However, the picture kept changing from colour to black and white and back again. We checked the connections (first using a SCART cable and then switching to the triple-coax lineout) and still the problem persisted. Hopefully, it’s not a problem with the machine, as that would truly be a pain.

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  1. Could be your TV trying to switch modes – which could mean the DVD player is borking the output signal.

    Nip down to Asda, get a cheap one for £20 and see if that works OK with your TV. Then chuck out the Sony, de-region the cheap one and wonder why people still pay over £100 for a DVD player. 😉

  2. "Nip down to Asda" – hahahaha! Nearest Asda is about six days overland from here!
    As the Sony was a gift from Lu and Kev, we’d love to get it working. I’m sure it’s nothing that some percussive maintenance couldn’t fix.

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