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Everyone seems to be caught up in Best Ofs and Top 100s at the moment. Not one to be left out, and lacking ideas for original content at the moment, I felt that it was time to have some Best Bits of …grayblog… 2004, just in time for this site’s fifth Christmas.

Best Game of 2004
Top Dog – originally posted 13 December. Without doubt, the game that I played most this year.

Best Amusing Link (not game) of 2004
Making Fiends – episode 11– originally posted 13 September. The Making Fiends series has been consistently brilliant, and this was probably the best of them all.

Favourite Political Rant of 2004
Howard’s Wrong Way – originally posted 6 October. Apart from the Boris bit at the end, I think most of what I said still holds true (in fact, the Boris bit actually illustrates what I said about trust).

Best photograph of 2004
Tempted as I was by this one, I eventually decided on this one instead:
– originally posted 4 November 2004. This picture has lots of memories for us both. I’m going to try and take more photos for this site in 2005.

Best cat named after me
Graybo the Cat at Uborka.

Any suggestions for other categories?

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