…with kittens.
There will be pictures at some point, though not before Treacle has gained enough confidence to come out from under the bed. Actually, as I sit here typing this, I can hear Monty running around upstairs, exploring, playing and wrecking. If only some of his confidence would rub off on her!

5 Replies to “Busy…”

  1. Kittens. Bah. All we hear now is kitten this, kitten that. 🙂

    (And yes, that does mean that I want to see the kitten pictures soon. In fact, I think the kittens deserve their own page on your site. God, I’m so predictable).

  2. I know…you are using kittens as a metaphor for our helplessness in the face of our current situation as tiny weak little animals in the face of overegulation and controlling society…MMmmm clever…
    You can’t be as shallow as to have used the latest technological hardware of the 21st century to waffle on about REAL kittens!!!

  3. NetDog – I’ve been blogging for five years nearly, and feel immensely proud that I’ve finally reached Blogvana by posting about kittens.

  4. MeeeOOwwww!!!…you can be catty when you’re roused…good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour…have a great holiday..watch out for furballs..regards..NetDog…

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