4 Replies to “Political stupidity?”

  1. I’m wondering what exactly you think he should do be doing instead? What is he likely to be able to do in London that he can’t do wherever he may be right now?

  2. Well, to be fair, probably not a lot. But there is a certain amount of symbolism, actually showing that we as a nation care sufficiently that our PM returns from his holiday to oversee the nation’s contribution to the aid effort. The premiers of other nations have cut their holidays to go back to work, so why not our PM?

  3. He should cheerlead a national conspicuous compassion you mean? What about this?

    I’m only joshing with you, but I think the DEC people are probably doing a fine enough job already and I hope we don’t live in such a country where “there’s only one man fit for the job, hail el Presidente”

  4. Oh goodness, not conspicuous compassion! But there is symbolism, and I also think that he would add to his own political capital by coming home and being seen to lead things.

    I agree that DEC are probably going to do a better job than the FCO or the Department for Overseas Development (which has been nothing worth mentioning since the time of Lynda Chalker).

    Anyway, a happy and peaceful New Year to you Mark.

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