Oh blimey! There are only a few hours to go, most of which will be spent in the pub next door, and I haven’t written my end of year review yet! OK, time pressures mean it’ll be bullet points:

    Highlights, in roughly chronological order:

  • my trip to Saumur
  • birthday trip to Lisboa
  • the grand tour of the low countries
  • selling my flat
  • finally getting to live full-time with Hels
  • the grand tour of Germany
  • getting married! (obviously!)
  • the honeymoon in Sicily
  • getting our own home in Ruralville
  • kittens!

  • not selling Hels’s flat
  • generally not having enough money or time for all the things we want to do
  • ummm… that’s about it really

All in all, 2004 has been excellent. PFE continues to plod along, family are healthy and happy (mostly!) and I married the perfect girl for me. You can’t ask for much more than that really.
Happy New Year to you. Come back to the same place this time next year for another exciting annual review!

3 Replies to “Review”

  1. Thanks for the New Year’s wishes below Graybo. You’ve had quite the past year and I hope things go as well in the next.

    Did you see or tape Roman Road last night? Alan Davies and John Gordon Sinclair were sat munching a sandwich in the clock tower in the centre if Chi…

  2. most excellent, but you forgot about the discovery of the enormous spam fritter hidden in your sock draw, and the larks we had with it

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