My wife is de-Christmassing the house already. Somehow, I feel that it is slightly premature to do so, but she tells me that it is "New Year’s Day – not Christmas any more".
This does have one significant advantage. With all the cards removed from the shelves, I can now get to my CD collection again without causing an avalanche of festive greetings. This is a good thing, although I am reminded that I am yet to alphabetise the discs and update the catalogue of the collection to cover recent purchases (admittedly very few, but we got three CDs for Christmas and purchased a further eight in Brighton the other day). It also looks like we’ll be merging our collections, so there will be two or three duplicates that will be sold off on Amazon in order to fund a new purchase or two.

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  1. We have never got round to selling off our duplicate CDs (the entire Pulp catalogue, and most of Massive Attack’s), despite the fact that ALL our CDs are now converted to MP3 and saved on both his and my computer, making four versions of everything… You never know when you might need a spare copy of Acrylic Afternoons, do you?

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