Load of old pants

Is it me, or is the Beeb on a mission to write loads of rubbish about blogs at the moment?

I dunno. Is the Beeb just trying to be cool and "down wid da kidz"? They even try to present news coverage in pseudo-blog format, in which they cull reports from other media (mainstream online news reporting, radio and television coverage) and cobble them together in "reporters’ log" format (recent example). This does not really give the reporters completely free rein to report with any sort of freedom (FOOC remains the only true home of that, and that is a reprocessed radio programme). The only true blogs on the Beeb, as I would understand them, have been Ivan Noble’s moving tumor diary and the fabulous but late and lamented Newslog by Nick Robinson (a man who seems like a fish out of water at ITN).
Perhaps I’m expecting too much to have truly free reporting in blog format on the Beeb – it might be the wrong place, the wrong organisation or simply the wrong style for a "serious" news reporting organisation. But it would be good if there was a little more proper understanding of the form – maybe that is too much to hope for from a body so deeply entrenched in established media formats.

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  1. I understand their desire to want to cover blogging as it is probably one of the cultural changes of recent years (hmm not cultural but.. ach you know what I mean). Like most new things I think blogging still needs to be categorised/pigeonholed by people before they understand whether they want to understand it. If it’s just the geek ‘toy’ of the moment they can ignore it, if it’s journalism on a street level maybe they should be paying attention to it, if it’s topically useful then maybe they should register interest and monitor it. I think this breadth of scope if what is threatening the journalists a little. The political correspondent only covers politics. The political blogger can, and does, cover cultural impacts and other news events.

    /gets off soapbox.

  2. I refer the honourable gentlemen to the comment I gave about this on Gordon’s blog. Come this time in 2006, we’ll be reading about how blogs were the cultural phenomenon of 2005. And yet, most sane people on the Clapham omnibus (eh?) still won’t have a clue what is meant by a blog.

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