Microsoft releases “free” tools

Ooooh! I spy a new revenue stream for MS!
So, this is, on the one hand, a good thing, as it should lead to a reduction in infected Windows PCs globally. Tick v.g.
On the other hand, isn’t this anti-competitive, particularly when viewed from the point of view of the anti-virus and anti-adware software companies? I think I’ll hold fire before downloading and installing and see what the perceived wisdom is – after all, my machine is currently virus and adware free due to the non-MS software that I run.

2 Replies to “Microsoft releases “free” tools”

  1. Ditto. SpyBot and Ad Aware plus AVG AntiVirus and Zone Alarms firewall and my machine is as clean as it can be.

    But for the “mom & pop” users this might be a good thing.

  2. He’s not daft, that Bill Gates. Make money from an OS which can be exploited, then sell security tools to patch it up. Double your money.

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