In a shocking development, I agree with the Duchess of York. Prince Harry’s appearance at a fancy dress party in a Nazi uniform was both in keeping with the theme of the party and in keeping with the behaviour of a normal 20 year old. Even though he has some German close relatives, it does not in any way imply that he is either a Nazi or a Nazi sympathiser. Will someone please get a grip here?!
As I have said elsewhere, if he had gone to the party dressed as King Kong, would people be outraged at his implied support for giant apes swatting at biplanes from the top of the Empire State Building whilst clutching a scantily-clad Faye Wray? I don’t think so.
It has to be said that Harry should have shown a little more forethought about the likely reaction of the tabloid hacks to his choice of costume, but let’s get it all in perspective, please!

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  1. Well, quite. All teenagers do daft things, offend people, and make fools of themselves, don’t they? It’s nice to know that he does at least have an element of normality about him, and just unfortunate that when he does have moments of ordinary stupidity, they are so well-publicised.

    He will find Auschwitz, or whatever holocaust museum they make him visit, fascinatingly terrible and moving, but I hope he is old enough to come away with more than just guilt at choosing a bad fancy dress costume.

  2. I’ve just said much the same thing over on d4d. Now if only we could get the media to shut the fuck up and stop stirring about it.

    Then again, that’s what they think they’re there for.

  3. Yeah what a load of media related, nanny state bullshit – jesus christ give him a break ….bunch of c**** 🙂

  4. Wasn’t it just last week that Ken Stott was praised for his portrayal of Hitler on ITV? How come nobody is offended by that. And, since the theme for the party was something like ‘Empire and Native’ what costum wouldn’t offend somebody?

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