Well, the mower arrived promptly. I can’t say much for the build quality, as the handles do not fix properly into the base and the safety cable snapped early on (but I’m savvy enough to use a mower safely and can easily bodge repair these things later) – but such is life when you purchase a very cheap mower made in the PRC. It doesn’t so much cut the grass as beat it into submission, but I was giving it a fairly grim acid test on our saturated and rather long lawn.
The petrol filler cap was smashed on arrival, so I’ve emailed the vendor to see if a replacement can be provided. I’ll let you know how he responds.
The main thing is that our lawn has now been cut. I’m rather pleased about this, as it was bugging me to look at it each day, and I was starting to get concerned that the lengthy sward was hiding some wild animals that might leap on me as I walked to the shed.

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