We held our housewarming on Saturday. There were lots of people and even more alcohol, as well as some cracking home-made pizzas that H and I made between us. People brought flowers, gifts, food and drink and (I think) everyone had a good time. Heads were slightly delicate yesterday morning, but thanks to help from Charlie in particular, the mess wasn’t bad at all and normal service has been resumed.

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  1. Nothing fancy – we knocked up the dough in a couple of batches in the bread maker, then left it to rise for an hour or so in a pre-warmed oven. Then topped some of them with tomato, mozzarella, onion and pepperoni, the rest with tomato, onion, goat’s cheese and rocket. Bake for fifteen minutes, serve hot to hungry partygoers.
    In fact, several people needed some convincing that we’d actually made them from scratch and not bought them.

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