Not a good week so far

We had two large new scratching posts sofas delivered this morning (at 7.10am!), a two-seat version and a three-seat sofabed. The two-seat fitted in without too much of a fight, but the three-seat is much too big to get through the door (Hels convinced me when we were in the store that it would fit because the previous owners of the house had a leather sofa in the same room). Consequently, it is now living in the conservatory, which is far from ideal.
So I’ve just called a local and trusted building company for a quote to pull out the window in the living room, lift the sofa through and refit the window and make good. They have a good reputation locally, and the chap says that they get asked to do this sort of thing fairly frequently. The estimated charge? £280. Good job I have something soft to sit down on.
UPDATE: got another quote – £100 – which is a lot more reasonable. And they can do it on Saturday. I think they’re doing it more cheaply because it’s the best laugh they’ve had in ages.

5 Replies to “Not a good week so far”

  1. Did they take the legs off the sofa, what about taking the internal door off the hinges it would give you a few more inches…..oh er missus….

  2. The legs are supplied unfitted. The doorway is 27 inches and we need 33 inches, so taking it off the hinges won’t make much difference.

  3. I thought that it was just me having “one of those weeks”, on the way home on Sunday I got flashed at (by one of those nice camera things)so that could be £60 and three points and yesterday I got a parking ticket whilst I ran into a shop and back to the car. less than two minutes so another £30 !!!!!.

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