Let there be light (at the end of tunnel)

Joy at Graybo Towers this evening as news comes in that, subject to references, H’s flat has been let. Of course, this means that muggins has to go and fix the leaky washing machine fitting pdq. Gah. But yay!

5 Replies to “Let there be light (at the end of tunnel)”

  1. Handy how the flat being let, your leaky washing machine needing to be fixed and Dad coming over all coincide? Or is that good planning?

  2. I’m confused? this particular action doesn’t involve small furry animals…….Hey I GEDDIT there are kittens inside the washing machine!!!I claim my ¬£5…..

  3. Wow, I wish you were my landlord. I’ve been waiting nearly two months for my landlady to send someone round to fix MY leaky washing machine fitting. And still no one, despite repeated phone calls to remind her . . .

  4. The trouble is that, if we let it leak, the water will go through into the ceiling of the lady below, and our neighbour is still fighting with insurers since her bath leaked in that way.

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