Garden development

the garden yesterday morning, 9am

the garden yesterday afternoon, 4pm
Note new border, created by first removing the turf, then deeply digging it, followed by incorporation of considerable quantities of well rotted farmyard manure and spent potting compost. Finally the willow tree was heavily pruned and the Euonymus and three lupins were planted.
The soil is rather heavy, a slightly greyish clay. Not the most exciting stuff and probably the sort that would put off a new gardener (or lead to fairly dismal results if they didn’t have some guidance as to how to treat it), but with the addition of plenty of humus and some grit (I’m going to nab some from the parents) I know that it can make an excellent garden soil that will permit a fairly wide range of plants to grow. I’ve not done a pH test, but judging by the presence of Rhododendrons in the neighbourhood, it must be fairly acidic. Not good news for bearded Irises, but an opportunity to play with some Japanese types and one or two of the more esoteric species.

Thankfully, I had some help:
Monty "helping" in the garden
Treacle came out too, but spent most of her time looking for mice under the shed.

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  1. Sounds like your soil is very similar to ours. And yes as first time gardeners it DOES/HAS put us off. Guess I need to source some cheap grit.

    “Cheap Grit” – wasn’t that a Clint Eastwood movie??

  2. Everything is in straight lines…a bit like your thinking process on the Blog!How about introducing some nice CURVES!!!
    Trust me you will feel better for it!

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