Ruralville in winter

Hels has to go on a course in London today, so I took her up to the railway station in Nearbyton to get the once-per-hour service to the Big City. As usual, we were a bit tardy in getting going this morning, so I decided not to drive the long way round on the gritted roads, but instead to take the direct route and pick my way along the back lanes of Ruralville. With some snow overnight and heavy snow falling, the steep hills were best described as "interesting", particularly when we got to the bottom of one hill and found a couple of sheep and a goat in the road. In spite of that, I was able to deliver Hels to the station with a few minutes to spare.
The kittens are fascinated by the snow, although Treacle prefers to look at it rather than go out in it. If they stand still long enough, I’ll try and get a picture. I may also take a picture or two of the local woods when I go out later.

5 Replies to “Ruralville in winter”

  1. I’m not sure if there are rules against posting photos of kittens on your website, but there are DEFINITELY rules against posting photos of kittens playing in the snow on your website.

    See 2.41c of the blogger’s handbook which states “whilst kittens may occasionally be used as ‘content’ on a blog (everyone needs a fallback) under no circumstances will photos of kittens playing in snow be permitted. This is on the simple grounds that it’ll be just too darn cute and it’s not fair on the people who have neither kittens nor snow.”

    (I MAY have made this up)

  2. We only have Graybos word that the kittens exist..and the threat of their use is brought out every now and again,the pictures could have been faked….I want the inspectors in…..

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