A different perspective?

Have a look at the second photo in this news story. The caption suggests that the protestors are on a ledge at a height of 50 feet. Now, using the policeman and the railings to give some idea of the actual height, and judging by the fact that it is only on the first floor of the admittedly high-ceilinged Foreign Office, I reckon that ledge is only 35 feet or thereabouts. Pedant, moi?

3 Replies to “A different perspective?”

  1. It could be that Captain America is only 4ft 6in. If that were the case, and using him as a scale, then the ledge would be about 50 feet up.

  2. Didn’t you know that all the fathers for justice were 4ft6in or under? Why do you think they are such a ratty bunch? You know what short people are like…………

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