Plumbing the depths

I’ve just had a spam email advertising The email contains this image:
girl, plumbing
Now, I’m a very happily married man, so I have to be careful with what I say here. However, it is my reckoning that there are a lot of single blokes who wouldn’t mind if an engineer like the one illustrated was to visit their home and, um, sort out their plumbing, as it were. The question is, are you more likely to click on an image like the one shown in the email in order to get to their site, or on an image like the ones used once you reach that site (example below)?
bloke, with large toolkit

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    Like ANY plumber looks like either of those. Whilst I’d much prefer the former, the latter is a myth anyway. Any plumber I’ve had is overweight, smokes 40 a day and wears grubby overalls. Not QUITE as appealing.

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