Meaningless Statistic of the Day

From Which? via the BBC comes this gem of a meaningless statistic – "one in four touched by identity fraud". Apparently, one in four Britons (based on a survey of just 975 people out of a population in excess of 55 million – not a statistically significant sample, I’d suggest) has either suffered identity fraud or "knows someone who has". This is fear-mongering at its worst. You could say just about anything about any subject if you include people who know someone who has…

2 Replies to “Meaningless Statistic of the Day”

  1. Exactly my thoughts when I heard this meaningless statistic! I think we are the midst of “scare story season” (Bird Flu anyone? “Hundreds” of terrorists hiding in your backyard?).

    It is all the more disappointing that it comes from Which?.

  2. Same here, I heard this statistic on the BBC Breakfast News this morning and I couldn’t believe how useless it was!

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