BT have sent a letter to my business. It was sent to the old address and relates to the old telephone number, telling me that I am to get an upgrade to my broadband service there from 512kbps to 2Mbps.
So, I call them to see if the database needs to be updated and if I can get the same upgrade at my new premises. And all I got, after ten minutes in a queue, was the telephonic equivalent of a shrug and "I dunno". Not terribly helpful.
Essentially, I’ve been advised that I should get a letter at my new premises in the next week or so. The database, apparently, is up to date, in spite of the letter clearly showing that it isn’t. And I’ll only get to hear about the upgrade once they get to my exchange, as they are doing each in turn.

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  1. “Our database is as up-to-date as it is currently”

    Those were the ACTUAL words someone from BT once used. I quietly hung up the phone and made good on my threat to switch to cable (luckily I had the option).

  2. Cable? What is this cable of which you speak?
    I think I’d need about 40 miles of extension to get cable out here.

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