Toughening up

Today’s theme seems to be to toughen me up. I’ve just been moaned at telephonically by my wife for not leaving enough petrol in the car (I know that there was slightly less than a quarter tank when I drove down the lane towards home last night – I checked!). Before she left she gave me a list of household chores to do (harrumph!). I’m now sitting in the conservatory with the door wide open in an attempt to brave out the chill breeze and pretend that it is really spring (it’ll be better once the sun moves round – or, rather, the earth rotates – sufficiently that the sun reaches my seat). And I am having to deal with two manic cats who seem determined to make up for my absence yesterday by shedding as much fur as possible over my keyboard and clothing. All this and I haven’t had a coffee yet.

2 Replies to “Toughening up”

  1. Don’t worry Bil, your Bil left me half a blip in his sodding I am such a fast and unfuelecconomic car this morning! Plus I was running late so have to get cash, get petrol, to get to work on time!

  2. *spends valuable er… seconds* wondering what Bil is…*

    *figures it out then realises he’s forgotten what he was going to say*

    *attempts to find humour in this situation by posting a comment in the third person (second once removed?) and adding * at the start/end of each sentence.*

    *realises that explaining what he is doing removes any pretence of humour*

    *decides to click the “Say It!” button anyway, it is Friday after all*

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