Hard at work

A day of much gardening activity, punctuated by washing of the cars – that’ll make it snow, or worse.
Anyway, a summary of the day’s activities in the garden:

  • lawns mown
  • border in rear garden forked over, two sacks of organic matter incorporated
  • horrible weedy border in front of car parking area in the front garden dug, with manure and ash incorporated
  • one of the three troughs alongside the house rejuvenated with spent potting compost
  • plants planted in the rear garden: Ajuga, Cytisus, Dianthus, Iris and Phygelius
  • plants planted in the trough: rosemary and parsley
  • sweet peas planted front and rear
  • seeds sown in all three locations: parsley, Eschscholzia, Shirley poppy, Aquilegia McKana hybrids, nasturtium, Virginia stocks, Nicotiana sylvestris (yes, that is tobacco), cornflower and a pack of mixed hardy annuals.

Not sure how successful the seeds will be – a spot of rain would certainly enhance their chances, but other than that we’ll just have to wait and see. As for the plants, they should all do reasonably well. The overall effect is far from stunning so far (hence no photographs for now), but these things take time (in spite of what the garden makeover TV shows would have you believe). A lot will depend on how well the seeds do, as they make up 99% of the new front border planting – designed deliberately to be cheap and expendable in case I get round to tackling the new parking area this year. As for the rear and the troughs, I need to get quite a lot more plants to furnish them properly. I think some visits to a few nurseries for some scrounging might be called for.

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  1. Personally I am gutted that it’s the first “gardenable” weekend of the year and I am stuck in the States. Not impressed. Sod’s law says it’s snowing when I get back…

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