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A note to Americans that voted for Mr Bush in the last election. Your president seems happy to run around and fly halfway across the country in the small hours to sign a bill to prevent one woman from dying a death that would have occured naturally fifteen years ago, instead keeping her alive with no quality of life at all. Meanwhile, he seems determined to continue to permit widespread ownership of firearms, firearms which lead to widespread crime including the loss of ten lives yesterday afternoon in a school in Minnesota.
To me, the priorities don’t seem to be quite right.

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  1. Not very nutritional food.

    Meanwhile, he seems determined to not tear up that second ammendment.

    widespread ownership of firearms, firearms which lead to widespread crime

    Bull. On the contrary an armed society is a polite society. Compare and contrast the murder rates in gun grabbing states verses liberal (in the classical sense) states.

    You might have noticed the UK’s gun crime go through the roof since the law abiding had their guns taken from them. Oddly criminals don’t really bother with the law which is why Nottinghamshire resembles bandit country ( and rap shows descent into gun fights (

    I did feel the urge to suggest Nottingham was like the wild west. However the west was barely wild at all, only in the movies. Why not I wonder? Smith and Wesson would know.

  2. I agree guns should be the first thing that either Condi Rice or Hils Clint fight when either of them get in next time round. If they do I am sure there could be a Nobel price in if for one of them!

  3. I know it’s not feasible given the dominant position the USA has in world terms but it’s things like you mention that make me wish I could just ignore the damn place altogether. Hell mend ’em.

    (Not anti-American, just fed up pointing out the bloody obvious!!!)

  4. Unfortunately, Bush is a Conservative, and most American gun owners tend to be Conservatives.

    They will blame the other students, the teachers who should have known, the school board for not installing metal detectors or doing away with lockers, and sue some random video game company, the ammunition company and the gun company.

    No one will blame the parents, and no one will seriously challenge the National Rifle Association by suggesting gun laws be strengthened.

    However, the right-to-life of a braindead woman will be protected.

    Remember, this is a country where the Right-to-Life movement is comfortable shooting doctors who perform abortions and bombing abortion clinics.

  5. All understood, Anne. It just seems so counter-intuitive, and yet the governing powers in the States don’t see it that way.

  6. Bull yourself, Mark. The gun used in Minnesota was a legally-owned firearm in the possession of the murderer’s grandfather – who was one of the victims, incidentally.

    I agree that a determined criminal will obtain a gun by whatever means he feels to be necessary, within or without the law. However, to have guns freely available in the community can not be a good thing.

    I find your statement "an armed society is a polite society" to be, frankly, astonishing. I sincerely hope that you are not suggesting that firearms are required to enforce decent levels of civility in the populace??! If you are, then I’m disappointed, either in your views on firearms and their place in the world, or in your lack of faith in society.

  7. “An armed society is a polite society”?

    Sorry — I missed that one. Also the bits about the tame, calm West, particularly amusing since a drive along the back roads of Texas will turn up an assortment of historical markers commemorating various gun fights.

    Mark can also have the experience of being chased off private property at gun point by some very polite NRA members when he stops to ask for directions . . .

  8. As someone pointed out at Harry Hutton’s place,

    “Killing any single American for being an insensible, drooling vegetable could be the thin end of a fairly sizeable wedge.”

  9. By the way, the school had metal detectors, (unarmed) security guards, and the entire incident was over in about fifteen minutes from time of entry into the school to the time the police showed up and the gunman committed suicide, thus proving that a determined gunman will find a way. Oh, and the president said bupkiss to the families of the slain in Minnesota while he and his brother tried to move heaven, earth, and the Constitution of the United States of America to interfere in something which was none of their damn business.

    It’s not just the rest of the world that’s sick of Bush. You just seem to have a better view of the show, that’s all.

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