Just like old times

Beer with Lord Percy, Lady Bren, Aris, Julie, Paul F and Mrs Graybo. Shame they didn’t bother to use dust sheets when they painted W2.
Chichester looks much like it was when I left – the new owner of my old flat hasn’t done anything to the exterior (like changing the windows) and doesn’t seem to have changed the curtains either. It was good to go back, though if time and finances permitted, it wouldn’t be quite so infrequent.

3 Replies to “Just like old times”

  1. Yes, funnily enough I was aware that nothing had been done with the windows, at lleast by me, but then it’s good to know nobody else has got in there either.

    Sounds like it’s time for a trip to Chichester with my trusty catapult!

  2. I suggest you pop round with a couple of burly mates and tell him how nice his family are, and wouldn’t it be a shame if anything happened to them – and perhaps suggest that he should consider employing you to replace his crappy windows?

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