Constitutional treaty

Not sure what the EU Constitutional Treaty really says? Confused by the rhetoric and argument emanating from politicians? Then download the full text, all 485 pages of it, in a handy 2MB PDF file.
And I’ll hear no more discussion of the matter until you’ve read it all!

3 Replies to “Constitutional treaty”

  1. Plus it’s arse about face. The US document is Anglo Saxon and is about restricting what the state may do – “Congress shall make no law”, “shall not be infringed”, etc. Wheras the EU’s (cough spit) is code Napoleon. The people are allowed to do this and may have that. Why thanks.

  2. Personally I would prefer a long winded version which says “under no circumstances are the general populace allowed to tool themselves up with uzis and anti-aircraft missiles” rather than something short, snappy and vague about the “right to bear arms”…

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