WP woes – some resolution

I’m told that all these posts about my WP woes are boring. Sorry.
Anyway, following advice and suggestions received, I’ve employed a plugin and some new code to fix the category archive pages so that they now display 500 posts (setting it to 999 posts caused a server timeout). I’ve also added links to the previous and next posts, as well as the home page, to each individual post page, which should make Gert and Brian happy.
Now I have to add some code so that when you get to the foot of each page of 500 posts in the category archives, you can click a link to view the next 500 (yes, a couple of my categories have that many posts!).
I have also yet to resolve the non-functioning date archives. Suggestions on that one would be very welcome.

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  1. I think I speak for everyone by saying that we need more kitten piccies. They won’t be kittens forever you know. As Dad says, lifes short and you are dead a long time!

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