Cat company

When I’m working at the table in the conservatory, I often have some company on the sofa behind me.
Monty, buried under cushions on the sofa
As you can see, today I’ve been joined by Monty – Treacle has retreated to the other sofa, in the living room. Neither of them are much company, to be honest, spending their time asleep. The only interaction occurs when they get up for lunch.

Incidentally, Hels and I have noticed that Monty has developed curly tips to his whiskers.
Monty's whiskers
Split ends?

3 Replies to “Cat company”

  1. Mrs Peet reports that her cat’s whiskers curl at the tips after he has sniffed burning candles. Monty does that too – there may well be a link.

  2. Totally love the cat pictures – am very jealous as cannot have a cat in my flat – so please keep them coming!

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