Another boring post about technical problems

Thanks to Gordon, I seem to have kicked the .htaccess generation into gear on my WP installation, by CHMODing to 777 then back to 666. I shouldn’t need to do that, but there you go.
Naturally, all this has done is reveal a whole bunch of other problems. If I modify the permalink structure, .htaccess updates, then I get an internal server error if I go to the home page or the WP admin pages. So, apologies to those people who have been trying to look here today and have had error messages.

I’ve taken a look in my server error logs and I notice two things – firstly, when .htaccess updates, the following error is generated:

[Fri Apr 8 11:48:45 2005] [error] mod_gzip: TRANSMIT_ERROR:32

Secondly, when I try to call a page, the internal server error caused is as follows:

[Fri Apr 8 11:52:37 2005] [alert] [client] /var/www/vhosts/ RewriteRule: cannot compile regular expression '^?p=category/(.+)/feed/(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$'\n

So, these leads to the following questions:

  1. what is a transmit error:32?
  2. what causes it?
  3. how do I prevent it?
  4. is it related to the server’s inability to compile the .htaccess file?
  5. is there something I can do to make the file compile even with the transmit error?

There is nothing in the WP Codex on this (at least, nothing that I can find) and nobody seems to have raised a similar problem in the forums – so I have opened a discussion here. One user states that he/she had the same problem with the compile error and resolved this by deleting the permalink entry from the database via their server’s database admin, and then going to the admin page and resetting it on the permalinks screen. I’ve tried that, but it does not solve the problem.
I’m out of my depth on this problem, I must admit. And my tax return has arrived through the post this morning (joy of joys!), so my mood is not great at the moment. Time for coffee and toast, I think, before I get back to the PFE accounts.

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  1. I suspect that the gzip error is caused by sending a gzip’d version (errant apostrophe, I know, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do it) to .htaccess. In your WP Options > Reading, at the bottom there’s a checkbox saying about using gzip if poss. While you’re sorting out the other problems, I’d consider turning off gzip compression.

  2. You know what? Ian has again just suggested exactly the same thing at the same time. Are you two related? Has anyone seen the two of you together? Are you, in fact, one and the same?

  3. Now, now! Don’t be smug.

    Of course, I only moved to WP because my installation of MT completely gave up the ghost. I would find the link to the posts from around that time, but the archives here are still buggered.

  4. Hmmm I’m trying to think if I had to do anything else…

    Can’t recall anything but then my install probably differs from yours as I moved from 1.2 to 1.5.

    One thing though – have you checked or posted on the 34sp forums? Might be a security issue on your account… as you say you shouldn’t have to 777 to 666 so I’m wondering if it’s partially something to do with the server settings????

    Sorry I can’t help!!

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