Pitchfork: Once you guys were asked about progress and you said that every record was an asymptotic approach to something– that there wasn’t a perfect Autechre record, just a series of tangential curves towards and away from the same point.

Autechre: Yeah.

Pitchfork: Maybe [Charles] Manson was asymptotically approaching pop stardom but just curved off. So I was wondering about that metaphor, and tell me if I am just being a Charles Manson and reading too much into it, but about that point that you guys are approaching over and over– is that point itself in motion? Is it changing?

Autechre: We’re kind of following it, so yeah, it’s traveling but not with any given trajectory. It’s bouncing around. It’s confined by moving walls.

Pitchfork interviews Autechre. Time to get my Autechre CDs out. (Thanks Bob).

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  1. Nope.

    I’ve read your post twice now and still doesn’t make sense.

    Or is that the point?

    (I dunno.. kids these days…)

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