We visited Gosport and Portsmouth this weekend to see my brother at his girlfriend’s house. These days, one thing stands out, begging to be photographed. I took a whole bunch, and reckon this to be the best, not for any technical reason but simply because it was caught in sunlight at that moment with dark clouds behind. The Spinnaker Tower:
Spinnaker Tower seen from Gosport waterfront

3 Replies to “Sailing”

  1. I was in pompey over the weekend too!!!

    Did you see the USS Trueman aircraft carrier,…it was huge

  2. Yes – apparently they had more aircraft on board that there are in the entire Royal Navy.

  3. yeah 160 aircraft, 3 (old) Wembley Stadiums complete can fit end to end on its flight deck…oh and its too big to get into Portsmouth Harbour see pic

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