Out of control

This morning, I have mostly been dribbling and spilling tea down my front.
Maybe because I’m so excited about our new watering can.

6 Replies to “Out of control”

  1. Yeek! Someone must have found some spare cash just lying around……
    Mind you, one does have to observe certain standards. After all, plastic ones just are not the same.

  2. PFE needed in order to keep test plants watered. Cof. It needed a top of the range lance to go on its hose too.

  3. Karen – a measuring jug is fine. You’d need a big budget for one these cans – it’s a genuine Haws can and cost me PFE £30.61 +VAT at trade prices.

    Lord P – yes, the rose turns. It’s a solid brass rose and the can is completely galvanised with an internal filter. It is 2 gallon/9 litre capacity – it looks a bit foreshortened in the photo.

    Karen – you might find the 1 gallon/4.5 litre version to be more your size.

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