Graybo on Live8

I managed to curtail my usually unbridled cynicism and watch/listen to a fair bit of the London Live8 gig last night whilst getting ready to go to/going to/having dinner at friends. It wasn’t bad for the most part (Jonathan Ross making a few barbed comments about the Eden Project gig along the lines of "wow! it looks like the real fun is going on there!") apart from some slightly nauseating luvvies getting it on with their egos (whilst it’s jolly good of these people to give their time and energy to do it, one can’t help but think that they will be making a hefty mint in royalties from increased record sales and lovely publicity).
But best of all was seeing The Who and the reformed Floyd showing the kids how it should be done. I get the feeling that we’ll never see the likes of that again.

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  1. Floyd was the only reason I would have gone. I mean I’m sure it would have been a good day and all, but for the rest, I could take or leave. Although REM and Who would have been good too.

    But since I didn’t expect Floyd to be on more than 30 mins tops, it just wasn’t worth it to try get a ticket.

  2. Apparently everyone has signed over the royalties of Live8 to the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY cause

    Cynicism has no place at the Live8 campaign.

  3. And they’ve also signed over the royalties from the increase in sales of already released or soon to be released albums that result from increased exposure? I doubt it. Scissor Sisters and Bon Jovi both played new songs, whilst Josh Groban said that he 3was looking forward to ‘increased exposure’

  4. I’m with Gert. And I think that cynicism in this context is probably healthy – whilst Geldof’s motives and enthusiasm are laudable, I’m not sure that he is completely on the button.

    And should I mention Sail8? More like Farce8 – only four boats completed the trip and when they got to Cherbourg there were no protestors to pick up. Laughable.

  5. And talking of Jonafon Woss, who had the idea to put the poor bloke in the perspex bubble thing? Did you notice how many times he changed his shirt and suit? It must have been about 100 degrees in there.

  6. He was very funny though, my family and I watched the whole thing, taped the whole thing and feel proud to wear our white bands!
    I may even get the tapes out again tonight, I think people should feel proud that there are so many good people in our world, and not all of us are people who would rather sit on the fence and throw stones!

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