Serious muso

I’m so utterly out-of-touch with music these days. Back in the distant past of bachelorhood, I’d spend at least a couple of evenings each week listening to obscure music on Peel, the web or odd CDs I’d picked up for a couple of quid in those boxes that the record stores in North Laine stand on the pavement outside their shopfronts.
These days, with a wife, two kittens and an all-consuming small business, time like that is a luxury.
But, occasionally, an opportunity presents itself. Today, that opportunity has been doing my accounts, which has meant a long period spent at the laptop with headphones on to try and shut out the outside world (and also to help preserve my sanity when I realise exactly how many receipts I have from the Post Office).
But where to start? There is so much good music on the web, as well as an awful lot of dross. I’ve got a few editions of GHC sitting on the hard drive that I haven’t got round to yet, but somehow I wasn’t quite ready for a full two hour session with Lars. So, I cast my mind back to some of the stuff I’d heard on Peel and thought about looking a few of the bands and artists up. I’m not sure why they crept into my head, but my thoughts wandered to The Bays. Go there now. Register (it’s free). Download. Listen. Enjoy.
And check out their "profile" section to get some background on The Bays and their whole ethos. And read "Taylor’s Tales" – somebody give the man a book deal, ok?