In case you were wondering…

A few people have noticed that things have been generally quieter than normal in these parts lately. One friend even suggested that I was coming across as distracted.
In addition, I’ve alluded to a few sleepless nights that we’ve had lately.
I even had to turn down an invitation for drinks from the Uborka Two and will be writing to the Sevitz to say that we can’t fit into his bra. Or something.
Here’s why:
Hels and I are absolutely delighted to announce that we are to be parents, with a baby due in January. When we’re not being absolutely terrified, we’re smiling like loons. Not everything has run smoothly thus far, as we’ve had a couple of scary moments in the emergency ward at the local maternity unit (where the staff are splendid, I must add). But things seem to be running relatively smoothly at the moment, with just the usual nausea, tiredness and urges to vomit. And that’s just me.
More news as things progress, and feel free to kick me under the table if I turn into a baby bore.
And before you ask, we don’t know yet if we need blue or pink baby clothes. We do intend to find out when the time comes, but we’ll be keeping it to ourselves until the baby is born (and I’ll try ever-so-hard only to refer to "it" or "the baby" and not to "he" or "she". Or "Dave".)

With apologies to those who should have been told in person – we think we’ve told everyone that should have been told prior to "going public", but if you hadn’t heard it is due to idiocy on our part and not malice.
And if you can’t figure out what is in the picture, that’s the baby in its little sac thingy with the head on the right, the bum at the bottom and four little limbs in the upper left.

23 Replies to “In case you were wondering…”

  1. Excellent to let everyone know at last buddy, big congrats to you both

    Looks just like you, its got your ear lobes

  2. Fantastic news, I hope all goes well. Best wishes to Mrs Graybo. Apparently ginger biscuits are good for the sickness.

  3. Yay! and Woo! and Congratulations. and other noises of a similar nature.

    And is that a pair of swimming goggles I see? You may have left it just too late for producing an olympic swimmer for 2012.

  4. Congratulations to both of you – excellent news. Hope it all goes swimmingly from now on.

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