Unbelievable nonsense

I’ve just watched Channel 4 News, in which they revealed that they had "found the shop where the London bombers bought their rucksacks!"
Cut to exterior shot of a branch of Blacks outdoor-type shop and aerated reporter breathlessly telling us that this "reflected a pattern of the bombers buying what they needed over the counter" (I paraphrase). The reporter helpfully went on to say that a representative from the store chain had told reporters that they had withdrawn the type of rucksack used by the bombers.
WTF? Firstly, do the media expect us to think that the rucksacks were especially shipped in from Afghanistan for the purpose of bombing? Secondly, do they think that we are somehow going to be reassured by the fact that the particular rucksack has been withdrawn? I mean, clearly it will now be much harder for a bomber to carry out a similar attack if they can’t get that special bomber’s bag.
The reporter went on to tell us that the bombers also bought plastic containers from a nearby garden centre ("for less than a pound!"), but by that point I was fed up and left the room before I put a boot through the TV screen.
I used to expect good things from Channel 4 News. Clearly I should expect only Daily Mail-style sensationalism now.

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  1. We must stamp out this threat from rucksacks, who are being trained to commit terrorist atrocities in secret rucksack camps in Afghanistan – oh, wait a minute, it’s not Afghanistan, sorry, it’s Bridlington.

    And as for the terrorist network spread amongst the country’s “everything ¬£1 or less” shops, well, I don’t think I even need to go on, do I?

  2. It is disappointing, this kind of hype from Channel 4. Must admit I’m sad enough to have subscribed to th Snowmail e-mails. I love Jon Snow!
    Still, at least we can be informed on our choice of rucksack now …
    *rolls eyes*

  3. I’ve never really taken to Channel 4 News, always a little too earnest for me. I wonder what prompted this dip in form though?

  4. Working for TV companies I’ve often had the unlucky position of having a TV on my desk. Day time TV is the 7th layer of hell. And I’m not including Tricia and the other crap on at 9am, which are layers 3 through 6.

    We have too much news. Or not enough news, and too much time for the news. Which means they either have to repeat the same thing ad nesuem, or fabricate news. Killer Afgan Rucksacks falls under fabricated news.

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