Beeb picture editor obsessed with breasts?

We all remember that the BBC News picture editor used to have a good line in comedy picture captions. Well, it can now be revealed that the same picture editor is clearly obsessed with breasts. Take a look at these example pictures:
New Big Brother contestant has large breasts as helpfully pointed out by the hand on the right hand side of the image.
Visitors to Viennese gallery have large breasts, although somehow I feel that the two people pictured are probably not representative of visitors to the Leopold.

4 Replies to “Beeb picture editor obsessed with breasts?”

  1. Naturally, I hate to even suggest this … but surely the obsessive nature of the BBC News picture editor when it comes to breasts is only dictated by whether the person browsing the site tends to notice the pictures containing breasts? 😉 i.e. is Graybo obsessed with breasts?

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