September 16th

September 16th will be this site’s fifth birthday, making it one of the longest-running British blogs.
Unfortunately, I shall be away from the laptop that day, so will not be able to post amazing, witty and entertaining blog-birthday anecdotes. So I’m going to open the floor to regular readers to write something on that day. I’m also hoping that, in addition to writing amazingly amusing stuff for this site on that day, they might also look under the bonnet and figure out why the archives *still* don’t work.
If you want to be in on the act, let me know by the usual means.

7 Replies to “September 16th”

  1. Really, would Five years make it long running? I suppose so.Are we very behind in Britan? We must be, I’m sure the Yanks have been doing it for ages…

  2. Blogger only got going about ten months before I started, if my memory serves me well. Pre-Blogger, there was really bugger all in the way of a "blogosphere" (*winces*) on either side of the Atlantic. But it is probably true to say that the creation of Blogger was driven by a pre-existing set of blogs, most of which were based in the US.

  3. Well done and welcome to the school-age blog gang!

    I don’t read any blogs much any more but this will always be a favourite.

    Well done Graybo.

  4. It seems like only yesterday that it were all fields round here, and I was starting my little log of the web in a bid to emulate my predecessor by one month (OK, I admit that’s not entirely true, but …) Now the little horrors are starting a blog every second. Good grief.

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