Slow worm, fast cat

Treacle is turning into quite a good hunter, although her diet is not limited to the typical fare of small birds and rodents. She frequently catches butterflies and other insects (we don’t have any problems with flies in the house – once she sees them, she catches them, sometimes knocking over something in the process). Our repeated disposal of all her prizes has had a benefit too – in general, she now leaves them in the garden instead of bringing them into the conservatory.
Yesterday, however, she caught something that was completely new to her – a slow worm. The poor thing was most definitely dead by the time I spotted her with it, but that didn’t stop her from playing with it for some time – in fact, she is in the garden again this morning and has been prodding its lifeless corpse to see if any more fun can be had with it.
What next? A fox? The neighbour’s dog? A small child?

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