Low ebb

We’re all at a bit of a low ebb around here. Both H and I are pretty exhausted by work lately. Add to that the stress of the whole Boiler Incident and the parlous state of our finances and the result is that spirits are pretty low. And don’t forget the painfully slow progress on the sale of Hels’s flat, which is still dragging through interminable legal hoops.
Even the cats are brassed off as they are currently having to share the house with an intruder as we cat-sit for the in-laws – something that I always felt was a bad idea and has proven to be difficult as their cat is a foul-tempered sourpuss who will take any opportunity to threaten or clobber our two (who would quite happily ignore her if only she kept to herself).
So, any suggestions for how to lift spirits? A seriously large cash injection would definitely help right now.

One Reply to “Low ebb”

  1. I can’t help with the cash injection unfortunately but it seems to me that you often look back fondly on lean times! We were so broke once we used to go to ASDA once a week and buy a box of SmartPrice cod, a box of SmartPrice chicken and a bag of spuds and that was all we ate for a week.
    We used to spend coppers on the pier for fun! Dear oh Dear…
    Nice garden by the way!

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