Heavy session

Bad statistics and binge drinking – as much a commentary on sloppy journalism as anything.
Follows on nicely from a discussion we had at the weekend over dinner when a friend revealed that his doctor now considers him a problem drinker just because he said that he’d had quite a bit to drink at a dinner party recently. We concluded that, as with estimates on spending by one’s spouse, doctors take your admitted level of alcohol consumption, add five and double it.
Example: a wife comes home with a new handbag and says "it only cost £20" – the true cost was £50 (20+5=25; 25×2=50)
Example: you tell the nurse that you usually drink 10 units per week. They write down "drinks 30 units per week" in your notes, thereby making you a problem drinker. (10+5=15; 15×2=30)

2 Replies to “Heavy session”

  1. I’m quite happy that I’m a binge drinker.

    I can go for weeks without a drink, have a night out, have a hangover and then not bother about it for another few weeks.

  2. your wife doesn’t buy cheap hand bags!!! even her cheap ones cost loads – you better re-think your sums!!

    If she says it cost £75:00 x 2 then + £50 then x 2 then take away the number you first thought of, I know I have one too (wife, not hand bag!!)

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