I had an appointment with my new dentist this morning, which I forgot due to being snowed under with work. I now have to pay a £5 penalty before they will make a new appointment for me and no new appointments are available for six weeks.
I accept that it was my fault, but it shows the state of dentistry in the UK when I have the choice of one practice in my area that accepts NHS patients and that I must wait so long for a simple check-up appointment.

UPDATE: I take it back. I’ve just checked through the NHS website and found a dentist in the next village who accepts NHS patients and has a hygienist (quite important for me) and could fit me in as soon as next Monday (although due to other things going on I’ve elected to take an appointment the following week).
Of course, I’m still an idiot for missing the appointment that I had this morning. That hasn’t changed!

4 Replies to “Idiot”

  1. I didn’t miss my dental appointment at 8am this morning. The effects of the anaesthetic have just about worn off now. I’m about to have a cup of tea without dribbling down my chin. Missing an appointment at my dentist costs £15!

  2. I’m definitely with the wrong surgery then… I missed an appointment last month, which cost me £30!!

    This, in addition to the £45 for treatment when I got round to re-booking, made me seriously consider the sledgehammer tooth extraction technique.

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