Piling on the miles

In the last 48 hours, I’ve driven to Falmouth and back and to Heathrow and back. Today I’ve got another 100 mile trip to complete.
I know some people do this sort of thing every day, but I’m shattered.

3 Replies to “Piling on the miles”

  1. I used to drive about 45mins to and from work every day when we lived in Bucks. These days it’s 5 mins to get dropped off at the station and then 20-25 mins to work (two minute walk at the other end). Don’t think I could do the long drives everyday again.

  2. My office is 122 miles away, it takes around 2hrs each way but a bit less on a good day, by train it would take about 3.5hrs and cost lots more.

    I don’t mind the time it takes, or how it can make me tired.. it’s the boredom of it all that gets to me. In-car-entertainment is years behind home entertainment, why can’t the car download content overnight to entertain me in the morning?

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